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Why We Celebrate Our Closed Workspace Culture

Open workspace formats for offices are all the rage and are really photogenic, but are they livable?

Open workspaces boast “encouraging collaboration through physical design,” but in part it is also a positive spin on “how many workstations can we fit into this space." We believe people that create and solve for a living NEED to have a personal, quiet base to recharge. We believe people are not comfortable being on display 100% of the time. When we built this new office – open workspaces were briefly discussed, and we opted to go in the exact opposite direction. We don’t even have cubes.

Our smallest internal offices are finished spaces with tons of surface area, storage, and sliding doors. We DO have shared common areas and meeting spaces, and we do collaborate. Collaboration comes in bursts and needs recharging. It happens in offices, and in hallways, and on a couch or two…but when there needs to be a break from such high energy sessions – everyone on our team has a private place in which to return.

Photo Features Project Manager Eric Schultz

After being voted a Best Place to Work – we are starting to think that perhaps sometimes the new way isn’t always the best way.


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