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Career Path to Success: Jackson Beckman

Jackson Beckman joined The Garrett Companies back in July of 2019 as a Construction Project Engineer. From his first interview, Jackson expressed his interest in real estate development and his willingness to grow in his knowledge about construction management. He realized he’d found a perfect fit for his career aspirations as the company was in a period of growth, allowing him to learn quickly and grow with the company.

During his tenure, Jackson has held various roles within the company. In October 2020, he transitioned from Construction to the Development department as a Construction Administration Project Engineer. Then, in November 2022, he started his current role as a Construction Administration Operations Manager. In this position, Jackson is responsible for auditing day-to-day costs and schedules, and ensuring there is consistency across the board.

Jackson attributes his success and growth at TGC to the people around him, particularly Jonathan Byrd, Matt Anderson, Steve Flick, and Jacob Weichman. These individuals helped him get on his feet from the start, answering any questions he had, and provided him with feedback on his progress. According to Jackson, he learned everything he knows about the multifamily industry from Jonathan and Matt, while Steve shared his abundance of multifamily stories, and Jacob expanded his knowledge of multifamily construction. “Each one had something different for me to learn from. Whether it was a successful project or process, or one that had an issue, there was always something to be taken away from their conversations.” The Garrett Companies supported Jackson’s professional development and growth by accepting new procedures, being willing to take advice or ideas, and answering any questions he had.

Jackson’s personal and professional life were affected by his growth and development in the company, which motivated him to strive for success and learn from his colleagues. He is driven by a mindset of continuous improvement and believes that one should never settle if unhappy with where they are in life. Beckman’s career goals and aspirations are to continue learning from those around him and put himself in positions that allow him to observe and grow. When asked what he is most excited about in the future, Jackson stated that he is, “excited about upcoming projects and opportunities within the company”, and he sees himself contributing by figuring out how to improve processes and prepare for the next wave of growth. He encourages others to ask questions, learn from those around them, and surpass the hard challenges if they want to grow.

As he continues to expand his knowledge and grow in his current position, Jackson is hoping to take a step back and observe how he can be best prepared for the next wave of growth. “We’ve built these same projects before; how can we incorporate all of these past experiences and best practices into the next project.”

For those looking to grow within their roles at TGC, or even move laterally like he did, Jackson had this to say: “Don’t be afraid to ask questions and learn from the people around you. Learn from yours and others’ past experiences. Strive to learn something new each day and learn from your mistakes.”


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