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Celebrating Arbor Day: Meet the Landscape Team

Friday (4/28) is Arbor Day, where we are all encouraged to observe the importance of forestry and motivated to plant trees. What better way to celebrate than to highlight our Landscape Team here at The Garrett Companies?

Nick Smith, our Director of Landscape Architecture, is tasked with planning, design, management, and nurturing of the natural environment for all active jobs in The Garrett Companies' portfolio. When asked about his favorite species of tree, Nick said, "My favorite tree is the River Birch (Betula nigra). Specifically, the Dura Heat variety, which is multi-trunk and requires less water than other varieties. The pyramidal form features glossy green leaves that turn to a golden yellow in the fall. Peeling bark provides winter interest. I’ve got one planted in my yard and look for places to incorporate them into Garrett projects whenever applicable. The tree grows relatively fast to a mature height of 30-40’ in plant hardiness zones 4-9." Nick considers Ladora Modern Apartments (Denver, CO) to be his favorite project, as it is the first he has been involved in from start to finish. He encourages his family to enjoy the outdoors not just today, but as much as possible throughout the year.

Ted Bleicher, Landscape Architect, notes that it takes years for a tree to mature and grow, but only about a day to completely remove one. He encourages everyone to be thoughtful of their impact on the environment. "Arbor Day is important because it reminds many people about the importance of stewardship. As much as we take from the natural spaces around us, we should always be thoughtful to try and minimize our impact on the natural systems around us. In the world of construction and development, it’s easy to look at the land around us as something we can control and manipulate however we want, but there are so many advantages to working with existing sites and using their character as an asset to our projects, not just an impediment, and expense, or a line-item for removal."

We are grateful for our incredible Landscape Architecture team for their dedication to our projects and the environment as a whole. Join us in celebrating Arbor Day by making a positive environmental impact on your community.


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