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"Every business is
just a handful of people working
together to make things, right?"


Culture = People.


Our people matter most, and every single person at The Garrett Companies plays a part in shaping our culture. We continually find ways to support the growth of this talented team. Part of this support comes by creating a working environment where ideas can grow and where thinkers and doers can be rewarded. We have noticed that those companies that rise to the top of their industries have teams that are fully aligned in vision, mission, values, and culture. 


We seize every opportunity to exceed the expectations of our team members, and partners - and we delight in surprising them. We’ve created a winning culture by hiring the very best people, providing unmatched support, rewarding team members for results, and building an environment where people love to come to work every single day.


But hey, don’t just take our word for it.  Feel free to reach out to anyone on our team for their thoughts. You can also check out our Best Places to Work awards and recognitions.


Remember group projects in school?  Were you the kid doing most of the work and shouldering the effort?  Now imagine if everyone on that team was like you.  Amazing right?  Well…that is us.


Everyone on our team is a doer.  Every person on our team is bright, inspiring, and passionate. We are seeking creative minds with collaborative natures.  Consider us the home base and mothership for creative people in the real estate development and construction industry. 

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