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Intern Success Story

Edgar Terriquez, RJ Bowen, Jordan Leverett, Riley Shives, and Jake McCarty embarked on their careers as eager participants in the Garrett Internship Program (GIP). Today, they stand as integral team members at The Garrett Companies. Through collaboration and shared experiences, they have overcome challenges, developed strong bonds and leveraged their collective knowledge to deliver exceptional results. The Hangar on Emerson, our brand-new modern apartment community in Greenwood, Indiana, showcases their remarkable growth and resilience. From project management to logistics, accounting, and signage, their diverse roles have come together to create a remarkable living space that meets the needs of its residents.

Edgar Terriquez (Construction Project Manager), a member of our inaugural GIP Class in 2019, had this to say about The Hangar on Emerson and his role in the project: "The overall build has been great. With this being my first time running a project from the start it's been enjoyable seeing it come from the ground up with everyone lending a hand to make sure we provide a quality product." When asked about working with his fellow interns, Riley Shives (Corporate Accountant) said, "The Hangar on Emerson demonstrates how robust of an internship program Garrett has created. Interns are submerged into critical path items from the onset of the program so that they can handle projects like this once joining the team full-time." In accordance with Riley's quote, it is fitting that The Hangar on Emerson is home to Victor Paredes-Mikuly, a Field Construction Intern in the GIP Class of 2023.

The Hangar on Emerson stands not only as a testament to the outstanding construction formula of The Garrett Companies, but as a testament to the potential of young talent. Edgar, RJ, Jordan, Riley, and Jake have embraced the opportunities provided by GIP and turned them into meaningful contributions. Their journey from interns to young professionals has not only shaped this popular apartment community but has also inspired others like Victor to strive for excellence. We are proud to witness their growth and celebrate their achievements, as they continue to leave a lasting impact on The Garrett Companies and the projects within our portfolio.


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