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The Garrett Companies Named Best Workplace in Indiana

Great Place to Work® and Fortune have honored The Garrett Companies as one of the 2020 Best Small & Medium Workplaces. This prestigious award is based on confidential survey feedback representing more than 189,000 employees working at small- and medium-sized businesses in the United States. Great Place to Work evaluated more than 60 elements of team members’ experience including the extent to which employees trust leaders, the respect with which people are treated, the fairness of workplace decisions, and how much camaraderie there is among the team. The Garrett Companies was ranked the #1 business in Indiana, #1 company in the real estate industry, and #31 workplace in the US.

This award would not be possible without TGC leadership’s attention to its people and curating a sustainable culture, despite a global pandemic. The Garrett Co. COO, Matt Griffin, describes it best.

Matt shared, The Garrett Companies has built a culture that is an authentic result of team trust, open communication, and mutual respect amongst teams and individuals. While 2020 presented many challenges, it also provided a multitude of opportunities to examine and reaffirm our values and ethics. Our past year was a tremendous success as a result of a company mindset that recognizes that people are more than their jobs. This mantra coupled with a well-designed workplace platform that encourages, supports, and rewards individuals and teams for both growth and achievement has continued to prove itself as a powerful core to our corporate culture. A few noteworthy items of our platform include:

  • 100% remote workforce approach while still providing a traditional headquarters in which team members have personal working spaces. As a pivot due to COVID-19, we unlocked efficiencies and new ways to accomplish our missions. We are now able to recruit and hire in all markets in the country without requiring relocation.

  • Continued improvements and additions to company lifestyle perks including haircuts, massage therapy, oil changes, volunteer time off, 4 weeks of paid time off at day of start, company-paid long term disability, instantly vested 401K matches, annual ski retreat to Telluride, Colorado, half-day summer Fridays, happy hours, and food truck Mondays.

  • A refined and extended onboarding program to increase early and sustained success for new team members and their teams.

  • Mentorship and cross-departmental learning and growth opportunities.

  • An industry-leading internship program that builds team management and communication skills, while providing unparalleled learning and networking opportunities for college and high school students.

  • The Garrett Team College Funding Program (new in 2020). In short, ‘Build a career with us and we will pay for your children’s higher education expenses.’ A program that is first in the industry and as well as in the USA. This new program will prove to be a powerful platform for recruitment and retention in the coming years.

Over the past year, we have grown substantially by adding over 30 new staff members as well as introducing a new line of business. During these times of economic uncertainty, our teams have had the ability to complete multiple high-value industry-leading transactions in numerous markets throughout the country.

It is a great honor to be recognized as a Best Place to Work in the USA by Fortune, but as a company, we can only create an environment for culture to reveal itself and grow. Culture and its subsequent successes cannot be mandated into reality. Our people bring the perspectives, passions, and quirks that meld into something completely unique and powerful. We believe every company has the same opportunity to be one of a kind, and we are grateful to those that have chosen to build their careers at The Garrett Companies. We try to emulate the motto of the United States – E pluribus unum. Out of many, one.”

Want to join our dynamic team? We’re hiring! Visit our website to learn more.

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