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The Basics of Construction Site Access Control

Management of personnel within a construction site can be tough. There is an abundance of moving parts that attribute to the construction of a luxury apartment community, and with this comes an abundance of workers. With all of these moving parts, some safety protocols can get lost in all the commotion. We have quite a bit of experience, so take it from us; construction sites are a dangerous place. With the proper implementation of an access control system on your construction site, managing a site with a large team becomes a breeze.

What is construction site access control? Simply put, it is the system or plan implemented by construction companies in order to keep their sites safe. Whether it’s purely from a safety standpoint or a company continually finds themselves wondering where expensive tools disappeared to, a properly implemented construction site access control plan can help to solve a number of issues. The method that TGC deployed, EasyClocking, requires each individual to carry a physical card that is registered to their subcontract. Each and every person on-site must now sign-in and sign-out each time they enter or leave the site. Simply swipe the card in front of the Card Reader Box in order to confirm arrival or departure, and you’re good to go. Normally, Card Reader Boxes are mounted on the side of the construction trailer. This allows the superintendent and any other management on-site to not only keep track electronically through the EasyClocking system, but to also simply look outside periodically to ensure contractors are following protocol.

As many who work in construction know, it can be a dangerous occupation. Employing a construction site access control system allows companies to ensure that whoever steps foot on the jobsite is that much safer. Without a system, workers or even civilians are far more likely to unknowingly enter a dangerous area and potentially harm themselves or other workers. Whether it’s from a fall, being caught stuck in-between something, struck by an object, or by cutting or electrocuting oneself, construction site access control systems help companies to ensure that whoever enters the site, is supposed to be there. Because of the nature of the work, construction site fires are prevalent as well. Having each and every employee accounted for using an access control system allows for companies to have a peace of mind in the event of a fire.

Because of the mandatory nature that access control systems provide, workers are constantly kept track of. This likely deters many thieves' desire to steal anything from the site, as they know that the system can tell at all times whether or not they are on-site. TGC’s access control system also allows it to hold a sort of leverage on subcontractors on their work. Knowing when a project should be finished and how many workers that contractor had on-site on any given day allows for a more accurate determination of whether said contractor is actually accomplishing work efficiently. At the Garrett Co, we want to be known for completing jobs quickly and efficiently. At the same time, we want to keep everyone on-site safe. By properly implementing this access control system, TGC only hopes to further set ourselves apart from the competition.


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