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TGC Interns Come Together to Beautify Greenwood Bus Stops

The Garrett Companies’ interns were tasked at the beginning of their internship to complete a service project that included beautifying two bus stops near The Garrett Co HQ office. When only given a location of the bus stops and a budget, the interns got to work planning how to give back to the community.

However, the process wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Many of the bids that the interns received from landscapers and subcontractors in the area didn’t fall into their budget. They also ran into availability issues with the bench that they were originally going to install. They quickly realized that if they wanted to achieve their goals, they would have to take matters into their own hands. By purchasing the materials and tools themselves and finding a bike rack that could be installed in the place of the bench, the interns were able to problem-solve on the fly. Additionally, they got their hands dirty, literally. and completed the labor themselves. In the end, they not only saved a large sum of their budget, but they also got the chance to grow closer by working side-by-side and completing the project together.

The City of Greenwood now has two beautiful bus stops thanks to TGC and its 2021 class of interns. A big ‘thank you’ goes out to each of our interns: Alea Tooley, Conner Pierce, Connor Murdock, Earl Bowling, Ivan Covarrubias, Jake Snead, Jimmy Holinger, Jordan Leverett, Nathan Witty, Paco Zavala, and Riley Shives. We are very proud of everything they have accomplished this summer!

Hear from a few of our impressive interns regarding their experience with the service project:

"This service project is just one example of the many valuable experiences The Garrett Companies offers its interns. I am very lucky to have been able to be a part of something so special.” – Riley Shives, Accounting Intern

“…I feel like us interns grew closer. We were able to bond beyond surface level. Without this project, I don’t think we would have quite gotten past that point in a normal office environment. I feel like I am a better employee and person because of this experience.” – Jordan Leverett, Property Management Intern

“…Especially after having to do all of the site preparation and installation ourselves, I felt like the outcome was that much more rewarding. It feels good knowing that we were able to do something that can be a benefit to others in the community.” – Conner Pierce, Landscape Architect Intern

Check out the before, during, and after photos:


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