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Garrett Construction - The Cornerstone of The Garrett Companies

Our construction team is, both literally and figuratively, the backbone of the Garrett Companies. Without them, TGC would not be nearly as successful as it is today. From the procurement of the resources and the hiring of contractors, all the way down to the sweeping of the hallways and the payment of the subcontractors, the TGC construction team is involved in every step of the construction process. And with so many moving parts involved within the construction process, teams must seamlessly work together to provide a product that lives up to the standard of The Garrett Companies.

Whether it is the project management team, the construction administration team, or the construction accounting team, no project would leave the ground without one another. Each team works together in order to continue providing communities that are built to TGC standards. Communication within each team and between each team is paramount to the project’s success. One slip-up or miscommunication could delay a project for months, costing the company thousands of dollars. In order to keep this from happening, the entire construction team must convey information accurately and in a timely manner.

In the middle of a global pandemic, sharing information within teams was much harder than before. But as the rest of the world seemed to slow to a screeching halt, The Garrett Companies thought fast and utilized Microsoft Teams in order to keep teammates connected and ensure that communication and teamwork continued. The new communication platform, along with the TGC allowing HQ employees to work from home for the remainder of their careers, only seemed to improve communication and teamwork within teams. The Garrett Construction Team flourished and delivered three brand-new communities in a matter of 4 months, a Garrett Co first.

Many of the individual teams within TGC communicate in different ways. During the pandemic, most teams met daily, often within Microsoft Teams. This allowed quarantined employees to not only talk through the day’s activities, but also allowed them to get a break from whatever was going on in their home that day. Conversing with teammates and simply talking about how or what they were feeling allowed for TGC employees to have an outlet, a small opening to the outside world while in the middle of a global shutdown.

In order for this transition to be successful, TGC needed to have their leader’s support throughout the entire process. And this buy-in is what separates The Garrett Co from the competition. Each and every leader quickly realized the impact that they were able to have within the pandemic. While the rest of the competition sat idle, waiting for a solution to come their way, TGC chose to make their own solution. The Garrett Companies found that communication and teamwork actually improved after transitioning to remote work.

For leaders such as superintendents and onsite teams, ensuring that they are positively impacting the morale of all of those who work under them. By doing this, onsite workers are shown to have higher morale and in return, a higher rate of productivity. But there are more leaders within TGC. As the Director of Construction Administration, Chris Haskett says that he deeply enjoys interacting with the wide array of people that The Garrett Co has hired. He says, “Foremost, I love interacting with such a diverse and intelligent group of people and getting to know all the personalities and unique backgrounds within the company. Garrett has done a terrific job in hiring and placing the right people within its ever-expanding universe. Secondly, I love being able to float from group to group, offering a different perspective with my architectural background, helping where needed, and soliciting positive change. I love puzzles and games, and it feels like I’m working on solving a giant jigsaw puzzle, piece by piece, day by day, defining my department’s place within the company. I am so excited to see our efforts and team projects begin to roll out in the coming months, but mostly I’m grateful to be included in such an awesome lot of people”.

The Garrett Companies is beyond grateful to have such incredible leaders like Chris. He and many other leaders within the construction team are what allows TGC to continue building quality products for its residents, exceeding the expectations of the company and its stakeholders.


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