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Don't Sweat It - Our Corporate Fitness Center

One of our goals at TGC is to create convenience for our employees. We offer numerous services and features that foster a productive and worry free environment. One of those convenient features is our corporate office gym!

Our team utilizes our gym before, during or after work to accommodate their busy, hard working lifestyles. This gives us a convenient way to blow off steam during a work day. It allows us to keep clear heads at work while also fostering our personal health goals.

A recent study found that employees who spend 2.5 hours a week being active were more satisfied with the quantity and quality of their work than those who didn’t take part in any physical activity. This healthy lifestyle was the goal for TGC President, Eric Garrett, when deciding to build a full office gym inside our HQ.


Hear what our President, Eric Garrett, has to say about his decision to build an office gym inside our headquarters.

How often do you use our office gym?

4 days per week.

What are the benefits of having a gym in the work place?

  1. Convenience: I can easily get a workout in before work, after work, or at lunch…no excuses.

  2. Savings: We installed a commercial quality gym. It is my hope that our team can save money on a 3rd party gym membership.

What’s your favorite part about the gym?

Its proximity to my office.

How has using our office gym affected your work day?

[It's a] time saver. The time I would spend commuting to another gym, parking, waiting on equipment is huge.

What do you hope employees will get out of having an office gym?

Hopefully the benefits I listed above plus the benefit of living a healthy lifestyle.


We have all of the essentials that allow for customized workout routines.

We also have a large, private locker room so employees can come back to work smelling fresh and clean.


Hear what our TGC team members have to say about our office gym.

How often do you use our office gym?

Danielle Biggerstaff, Receptionist: I use it 2-3 times a week in the mornings.

Jonathan Byrd, Project Manager: When I’m not traveling for work I try to get in there 3-4 times a week!

Aaron Kitch, Acquisitions Manager: About every morning during the week.

Eric Schultz, Project Manager: I try to most days, but in actuality, it is 2 days a week.

What’s your favorite part about the gym?

Danielle: I love having access to all the equipment without having to wait for others to finish. At Planet Fitness, there are times my whole workout changes because I can’t get to certain machines. At Garrett, we’re not all in there at the same time so my workout goes more smoothly and quicker.

Jonathan: Its proximity to my office! Just incase something comes up. I also like that I can grab a quick shower when I’m done.

Aaron: The Peloton bike.

Eric: I like that you can use it at any time during your day.

How has using our office gym affected your work day?

Danielle: It gives me energy for the day. It also saves me time having to travel to the gym after I leave for the day. With us also having a shower, I can come in early to workout, shower and know I can leave right after work to go home. It has been very convenient for me.

Jonathan: Helps to break up the day, especially on stressful days. Nice to go in and bang around some weights!

Aaron: I get a sense of accomplish first thing in the morning and it affects my mood in a positive way. It’s also extremely convenient, which helps with my schedule to fit everything in each day.

Eric: It is a nice stress reliever during the day.


When the cardio lovers don't want to run outside, we have equipment for them inside.


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