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Career Path Success: Jenny Williams

Jenny Williams is one of only a handful of people whom we consider to be an "OG" of TGC. Jenny had previously been introduced to Eric Garrett through mutual connections and thought of him as a wonderful person. So when she was offered an opportunity in the summer of 2014 to join his start-up Development company as his Assistant / Office Manager, she was eager to accept. At that time, Jenny was just adjusting to getting back into the working world after being home with young children, and she was excited to learn about multifamily development with a small company. Fast forward 8 years, and Jenny tells us, "I never envisioned we would be this big!"

In 2015, Eric and Evan Brown began discussing the possibility of forming a Construction company, and Jenny saw this as an opportunity to once again learn something new; she applied, and they promoted her into a Construction Accountant role. Without a background in accounting, Jenny tells us, "It was a learning curve for sure, but I really enjoyed the challenge." She added, "I am very thankful that Evan and Eric believed that I could take on the CA role without the experience."

By late 2019, Jenny's career once again took a giant leap forward when Jenny was promoted to Assistant Construction Controller. When we asked Jenny what contributed to her growth, she told us about her teammates, Tracey Ruble and Soni Leturgez. "I am forever grateful that Tracey and Soni took the time to train me. They challenged me, believed in me, and had so much patience with me as I learned. I would not be where I am without them."

So what is next for Jenny? She told us she is enrolled in classes beginning this May to work towards her master's degree in Accounting. "My goal is to never stop learning and to move up in the company wherever that may be."

With her career success and continued aspirations for the future, we wanted Jenny to tell us what keeps her motivated. Jenny explained, "My personal sources of motivation are, first and foremost, my husband and my parents (they have always been my biggest cheerleaders)... I am determined to try things people say that I can’t do and believe that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. I have an athletic background and my competitive exceptionalism pushes me to be the best player, teammate, and coworker I can be."


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