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Burgers & Brews | The Garrett Co's Tasty New Venture

The Garrett Companies’ “bread and butter” has always been class-A luxury, suburban apartments. This is a product type that the team continues to excel in delivering. In fact, TGC became so good at it that they decided to add yet another step to the process to set ourselves apart from the competition. This time, members of the team had explored the idea of adding a restaurant to the Garrett portfolio. The future site of The Mezz at Fiddler’s Green in Centennial, Colorado turned out to be a great location to jumpstart this new venture. Thus, I.C. Brewhouse was born.

I.C. Brewhouse (I.C. = Inner Circle) is a neighborhood gathering place that we want our residents to fall in love with and become the community’s go-to hangout. At I.C., everyone is welcome and everyone is encouraged to gather with each other whether it’s family, neighbors, coworkers, friends, or strangers. I.C. Brewhouse is designated as a place to take a load off and forget about the worries of the world.

Creating community is the focal point of I.C. Our guests can find a sense of community in the restaurant, within The Mezz next door, the surrounding neighborhoods in central Colorado, or within the employees of The Garrett Co and I.C. Brewhouse. Even the logo and interior design have a tie to the community aspect of I.C. In addition to the opening of the initial location in Centennial, more locations will soon be added in Castle Rock, CO and Thornton, CO. As a way to incorporate each community within the individual restaurants, each one will have a location-specific logo that will allow patrons who may travel between locations to receive that same sense of community. As for the menu, ingredients and products sold within the doors of the brewhouse are also working toward the same idea of fellowship and community. Guests will be able to choose from 16 different local draft beers, all Colorado-brewed, and enjoy locally raised beef as well to support the surrounding area.

Community-focused dining continues with thoughtfully designed spaces meant for connecting with one another. The interior design at the Centennial location was described as a mix between a ski-lodge and a fine-dining restaurant. It is meant to feel warm and reminds residents and diners alike of home. Interiors feature an upscale look, with a casual feel that‘s organic, natural, and unpretentious. With finishes such as petrified wood, subway tiles, and corrugated metal, the design pulls in a casual, unsophisticated ambiance. COO Matt Griffin outlined it best, saying, “We’re trying to make it seem as though we’ve been here forever, even though we’re brand new.”

As for the team, The Garrett Restaurant Group is currently comprised of Jason Esterly (General Manager), Tiffany Letzo (Manager), and Ryan Graham (Manager). Jason has been in the restaurant industry for 28 years, 20 of which have been in upper-level management. He has opened a countless number of Chili’s restaurants country-wide over the years. Jason mentioned that he loves how the industry has molded him into who he is today. Tiffany has been in the industry for 17 years, primarily working within the hotel restaurant industry, also specializing the development and opening of restaurants. Tiffany loves the food and beverage aspect of her job, especially developing and coordinating beverage programs. Finally, Ryan has been in the restaurant industry for 10 years. Having been the general manager at the busiest Jimmy John’s in the state of Colorado, Ryan brings a wealth of knowledge about the restaurant’s surrounding area and its customer’s wants and needs.

When asked about his anticipation for the restaurant and its opening, Jason mentioned that he can’t wait to see the vision of so many finally come to life. Jason shared, “We are excited to bring this to The Garrett Companies and bring everybody together whether they are in the corporate office, Colorado, Florida, or wherever they are! We’re excited for everybody to take pride in and be a part of the restaurant.”

Like Jason, everyone here at TGC is ecstatic to see I.C. Brewhouse kickoff. We can’t wait to see patrons and TGC employees filling up the tables at I.C. For the latest news, be sure to follow our social channels: @icbhcentennial on Facebook and Instagram.


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