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(Or GIP as we like to call it)


Every summer The Garrett Companies hosts a field of select interns for our Garrett Internship Program (we call it GIP). This a premier internship experience – and is second to none in the fields of Real Estate Development, Construction, Accounting, Communications, and Property Management.  Each year we assess our needs for help – and our ability to provide an incredible learning experience for our summer interns. We expect interns to come in, observe, learn, absorb, and do actual work in their fields of study. 


We will build your resume, network, confidence, and experiences so that you are ready for the phase that starts after you graduate! Much like school – a portion of your experience will simply be learning how to work as an individual that is part of team and how to communicate with all levels and departments.  On that note – there is also a few “learning sessions” and the expectation that you will be able to summarize what you accomplished over the course of the summer! 


You will work with your department, and create and accomplish work that builds value for our team.  We want you to learn, but we also want you to work! 

The most notable part of this program? We will share with you every step in the Real Estate Development and Construction Process.  No matter your course of study – you will be part of a series of learning sessions so that you can better understand all the inner working parts of this industry – from site selection and concept planning to construction, operations, and branding.  This will be an intro into what makes this industry work!

The programs last for 12 weeks and space is always limited. GIP allows for interns to experience the workplace that is here to stay. There are opportunities to work remotely and in the office. 


Note: We coordinate with your school when necessary – for programs that require formal internships as well. 


Oh- there are some perks too!

  • The Pay: $14.50/hr. ($16.50 in CO) Hey – an internship that pays! You will be required to fill out a work log weekly (if you want to get paid of course).

  • 401K: Yep. You get one! After you set it up, we will deposit a 3% pay match that you can convert to an IRA following the program! (Must be 21 years old)

  • Yoga (HQ only): If you intern at our HQ – we do yoga once a week (Thursdays). It’s free and is led by a professional 3rd party instructor. Bring a mat.

  • Gym Membership: We have a 24-hour fitness center onsite – with locker room. You will be given a key fob to access the gym 24 hours a day while you work here.

  • Barber (on-site): Every two weeks our in-house barber comes! $10 (plus tip) for the greatest haircut you can get while on the clock! 

  • Oil Changes (in parking lot): Once a month. Great pricing. You pay – but it’s sooo convenient!​

  • Free Lunches: Not every day, but there are lots of them. Who says there is no such thing as a free lunch? We pay you to eat food. 

  • Best Place to Work in the USA: Don’t take our word for it…do a little research.  We win these awards year after year. 

  • Summer Fridays:  You have the option of working half days on Friday during the summer (just like the rest of our team. Unlike our team though….you don’t get paid for leaving early).

  • Accounting (2)

  • Construction (3)

  • Construction Administration (1) 

  • Development (1)

  • Field Construction (6) 

  • Human Resources (1) 

  • Interior Design (1)

  • Investments (1) 

  • Legal (1)

  • Marketing (1)

  • Preconstruction (1)

  • Property Management (2)

  • May 16 - August 12, 2022

  • Department Sessions: Interns will learn about all departments at The Garrett Companies. Although an intern will specialize in one department, they will learn about all areas of the company. This helps interns see the company as a whole and how their work fits into the big picture. Also, a great way to meet team members in other departments you might not otherwise interact with.

  • Professional Development: We want to help give our interns insight into things we have through the years that have put us on the right path. Sessions include but are not limited to the following: interview tips, resume workshops, LinkedIn, financial literacy, and MBA planning.

  • Networking: Having a strong network is very powerful. The Garrett Companies wants to help you build your network. Interns will have numerous opportunities to meet other interns, Garrett team members, interns from around the state, and other events that come up organically.

  • Speaker Series: Each summer we line up a few well-known individuals to give insights on how they got their careers started. This is always an intern favorite. Previous speakers have included NFL players and White House delegates.

  • Service Project:  Not only are interns asked to complete projects and work for their respective departments, but they will also work as a team to help improve an area of the community. Previous projects have included beautifying a couple of local bus stops.


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My experience with The Garrett Companies this summer was fantastic. Not only have I developed myself as a professional and made great connections, but I also learned how valuable company culture is to driving success. 

My overall experience with the Garrett Internship Program this summer has been very impactful and rewarding. In just the past few months I have seen so much growth and development in myself, my confidence, and my abilities. I am so grateful for this opportunity, and I know that it has given me a great start in entering my career field.

Interning with The Garrett Companies has been one of the best professional experiences I have had. Interns are respected, encouraged, and challenged with real work. The company has an amazing culture that shows throughout its employees.

I thought this program was really well-rounded. I was able to get a little bit of information about everything and I was able to explore things I was interested in. Anna and the team did a wonderful job of introducing me to people and helping me reach my goals. They were very accommodating with my school and lacrosse schedule which was something that is very rare.