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Ryan Deckard

Real Estate Closing Director

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Welcome to Ryan Deckard’s profile! Ryan is the Real Estate Closing Director at The Garrett Companies. This means that each project that TGC begins to take on, starts with Ryan obtaining the land and everything else associated with the closing. Ryan lives in Greenwood, Indiana with his two daughters and her girlfriend and her two boys. As for Ryan’s background, after graduating high school he served active duty in the United States Army for six years. Ryan later worked for another Property Group in town before migrating over to TGC. Of his achievements, Ryan says he is most proud of receiving one of the Army's highest award for valor in combat. Oh, and he’s also the reigning, undefeated champion of the Garrett Tournament of Taste cooking competition. Lastly, some of Ryan’s passions include volunteer work, working on cars, motorcycles, road racing motorcycles.

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