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Ryan Graham

Restaurant Manager

This is Ryan! Ryan is a Restaurant Manager for I.C. Brewhouse Centennial. He was born in La Palma, California, but is currently living in Colorado. He and his family have a dog named Jax and a grumpy cat named Oreo. Ryan says that his family is extremely outgoing and has a love for going on new adventures. Ryan says he enjoys all types of music, but he especially enjoys alternative and heavy metal. Ryan even plays the guitar in a band! He has sold out multiple venues in and around the Denver area, saying that it is one of his greatest personal accomplishments. He mentions that he would love to someday visit Bali, his favorite movie is Dumb and Dumber, and his favorite restaurant is El Torito. Lastly, if Ryan’s friends were to describe him using three words, they’d say that he is funny, outgoing, and energetic.