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Nikol Weidner

Multi-Site Community Manager

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Meet Nikol! Nikol is a Multi-site Community Manager for Echo Park and Apex at Perry Crossing, two Garrett-managed communities located in Plainfield, Indiana. Born and raised in Indiana, Nikol began her career in the restaurant industry, working as a waitress for 20 years (!), before moving into the residential management industry. She has worked as a leasing professional, a leasing manager, an assistant manager, and now a community manager. She has previously won Leasing Professional of the Year in 2018 within her territory, marking one her greatest accomplishments in her professional career. As for her personal life, Nikol has one son, her favorite movie is Sweet Home Alabama, and says her favorite restaurants are Red Lobster and Longhorn Steakhouse. Lastly, Nikol says she is passionate about making people happy and always working to improve herself.

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Multi-site Community Manager

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