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Greg Watne

Project Superintendent

This is Greg! Greg is a Project Superintendent with The Garrett Co who loves his family, building great, safe places for families to live, and making Norwegian pancakes and strong coffee on Saturday mornings. He began working with wood in his high school cabinet shop which later evolved into a job in framing. After going to college for a little while, Greg found himself wandering back into the building industry, where he has been ever since. Greg has a passion for the great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that comes with building. The struggle and perseverance through difficulty and seeing the final, finished product is exhilarating for Greg. Some of his greatest accomplishments include raising healthy, wise children, and building solid relationships and establishing trust among others within the building industry. He is passionate about his ever-important Saturday morning breakfast, serving and assisting people around him get better, “sharp knives” (a metaphor for always being ready), faith, freedom, truth, perseverance, and supporting his daughter and son.

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