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What is the Garrett Mechanical Company, LLC?

Mark Evans and Andy Kirby have had a long friendship, even prior to both of their times at The Garrett Companies. The design and construction of MEP’s (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) were almost always a topic of discussion. How could a General Contractor begin this process without having the hiccups that are caused by hiring out subcontractors? By bringing it in-house.

With the forming of The Garrett Mechanical Company, Mark, along with teammates Darren Miller and Nathan Beck, began digging away at the age-old question of how to better control the costs, standards, scheduling, lead time, and labor of one of the more challenging aspects of construction jobs, MEP’s. All three teammates have an extensive background in the world of multifamily plumbing and planning. So, when this opportunity came about, they sprung on it.

The Mechanical, Electrical, & Plumbing disciplines, commonly referred to as MEPs, are technical in nature, and can provide a wide array of obstacles when planned for and installed incorrectly. And when done incorrectly, it’s not an easy fix. Bringing the Mechanical & Plumbing trades in-house helps mitigate risk and provides a better control on cost, quality and schedule.

The Garrett Mechanical Company was originally formed to supplement the lack of proficient subcontractors in some areas and municipalities. According to Mark, options can be limited when it comes to finding qualified subcontractors in some markets, particularly at Parker and Pine in Parker, CO, The Garrett Mechanical Company’s first project assignment. This project had a poor seat of subcontractors submit bids for the job, so in stepped Mark. Him and Darren, alongside second-tier contractors, have worked at the site since the beginning. The team will work together from the beginning of the project to delivery, to ensure that standards are met, and the project passes inspections with flying colors. Mark states that Darren completed the first building’s underground plumbing at Parker and Pine entirely on his own!

Each project, if not restricted by labor forces or other circumstances outside of control, receives a proposal from The Garrett Mechanical Company and is treated just like any other subcontractor. If the timing of the project and workload aligns with available resources, then the project teams will plan the job out accordingly with The Garrett Mechanical Company.

Mark explained that his day-to-day duties include bidding projects, accounting and cost tracking, budgeting for future projects in anticipation of bidding on a job, design components, reviewing plans for upcoming projects, material sourcing, logistics, and compensating the second-tier labor that Garrett Mechanical contracts. Darren has been the field guy for the entirety of Garrett Mechanical’s lifetime. Supervising onsite, 2nd-tier labor, and jumping in and assisting wherever he is needed. Nathan Beck is the project engineer behind all of this. Working in the background, completing CAD work, takeoffs, RFI’s, and submittals. All three work together as a well-oiled machine, churning out quality solutions and processes for one of the more challenging aspects of construction jobs.

As is the case with most businesses, growth must happen at a healthy pace. The Garrett Mechanical Company is no different. Growth needs to be tempered in order to continue providing cutting-edge support and planning for each project currently under GM’s control.

Without well-designed solutions and processes for MEP’s, TGC apartment building are essentially just well-decorated caves. Mechanical and plumbing completed by The Garrett Mechanical Company turn a community’s interior into the cozy spaces its residents all know and enjoy.


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