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The Garrett Internship Program - A Flourishing Asset

As the world seemed to screech toward a halt a few months ago due to a worldwide pandemic, The Garrett Companies continued to move forward. Many businesses were forced to close their offices, seeing a sharp decline in productivity, efficiency, and overall business operations. This decline was not the case with TGC. As people began to wake up each day and go from the bed to the desk, The Garrett Co. actually saw an increase in the communication and efficiency of its employees. This improvement wouldn’t have been possible without a solid foundation of great company culture. This culture is evident in every employee that works for TGC. From the upper management, all the way down to the interns, people love where they work, who they work with, and the work that they are doing.

Many companies decided to do away with intern programs entirely this year. TGC decided that the program was simply too important to cancel completely. Instead, the start date was pushed back, and interns completed training at home rather than in the office. When offices re-opened, TGC implemented new workplace guidelines allowing employees based at HQ to continue remote work or return to the office, or a hybrid of the two options. The office is now considered an asset for employees to utilize as needed. Because of this policy and the reopening of offices, interns are now able to get real-world experience while some of their peers had their internships canceled altogether. The Garrett Co. understands the value their internship program brings not only to the students and interns themselves but also to the company as a whole. Having interns allows for more work to get done, more efficiently. It also gives employees the ability to see new faces and grow within their roles at TGC.

The internship program still being offered is a major benefit to the interns themselves as well. With so many other canceled opportunities, the interns are able to obtain real-world, almost priceless work experience, while some of their friends are sitting at home on the couch all day. “Being able to continue with the internship and get this real work experience is incredibly valuable to me,” said Nick Young, Accounting Intern. “I will not be able to do anything similar next summer because of summer prerequisite classes I will need to take before graduate school.”

"I felt fortunate that the company valued the internship program enough to not cancel it, like many other employers unfortunately had to do. Overall, even with the restrictions and limitations put in place due to the pandemic, I am still getting immersive professional experience in my field. The program itself is very organized and well-executed. The company was enthusiastic about our arrival and eager to help us learn about their industry. I’m so grateful for every piece of advice and connection I’ve made during my time here." - Gaby denBlanken, Legal Intern

This internship now puts them one step ahead of their peers going forward. The Garrett Companies’ internship program is unlike many others, strictly due to the amount of coaching that comes with the program. Classes and learning sessions are offered, tickets to helpful career-building seminars are regularly provided, and working with people outside of your department is highly encouraged. Thus, interns are gathering information and knowledge that will not only help them to grow and become successful in school, but post-graduation, former GIPpers are equipped with real-world knowledge that is so difficult to come by in today’s world. “The internship program is set up in such a way that we not only gain experience in our intended discipline, but in facets of the entire company and professional development,” said Connor Aucremanne, Construction Intern. “Business operations throughout the office run incredibly smooth through our hybrid system, and everyone is on board with the flexibility”.

This real-world experience is something so many other students are missing out on this summer. With many internships being either canceled or fully online, a majority of the positive aspects of an internship are lost. Interns aren’t getting that in-office experience an internship usually provides. With TGC continuing forward with its internship program, participants are able to gather priceless experience right in their own offices at corporate HQ.

As is evident by the number of employees currently working at TGC who started as GIPpers, the Garrett Intern Program is vital to the success of individuals and the company as a whole. With Coronavirus shaking up the world as we know it, The Garrett Co. is able to step back and realize just how beneficial the program is to everyone involved.


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