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The Garrett Co. Website Redesign

We finally have a new website! Yes, you read that correctly. The Garrett Companies Website Redesign Project has come to a close and you can now learn all about TGC through an immersive, online experience.

Our company has changed and grown leaps and bounds in the past four years. We have tackled numerous projects, welcomed new team members and even upgraded our work space. This means that our brand, image and story need to reflect those changes.

But through all of this growth and change, TGC's main goal is still to develop, build, and asset-manage multifamily apartment projects across the country. We believe that through the relentless pursuit of excellence we can become the most successful multifamily development company in the country.

We want to be the best and we're unapologetic about it... this includes our website.

Here's what you should know about the new website.

It's mobile friendly. So don't worry, you can still have the same, great experience from anywhere.

You can view our entire project portfolio. That's right. Since day one, you can learn about each and every one of our projects that we have worked on.

Getting to know our team. One of the many things we pride ourselves on is our team. Now you can get to know these team members by reading their bios, following them on LinkedIn, and meeting their pets.

Following our blog. We now have a space where we can share our story in an in-depth and comprehensive way.

You can experience our website by clicking here.


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