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Recognizing Our Community Employees; The Front Line of The Garrett Companies

2020 has been a tough year for everyone. With a pandemic impacting nearly everyone, new ways of doing things had to be quickly established. One of the more difficult industries to do this in is the residential apartment industry. Community employees could no longer show apartment homes to potential buyers, maintenance teams could no longer enter resident’s apartments to assist in fixing something, and most all community amenities had to be closed in order to maintain state regulations. With all of this happening, it can be incredibly difficult for on-site team members to not only do their job effectively but also live a fulfilling life outside of their career.

As the year progressed and we began to learn more and more about the virus and what was and was not allowed, our on-site teams made sure that they were doing everything they could to serve the residents in their communities. Throughout the pandemic, so much has been accomplished by our on-site teams. And because of all their hard work, we wanted to take the time and ensure that everyone was properly recognized for everything that they have accomplished throughout the pandemic.

Lift at Jordan Creek; West Des Moines, Iowa:

“Margaret is a leasing machine! She has been at the property since we opened and is extremely dedicated. Margaret has single-handedly leased up the community and today we are over 70% leased in 10 months.

We are so excited that Obeb joined the team a couple of weeks ago. He has jumped in with both feet and are so happy to have his knowledge, experience, and customer-focused attitude on our team. I am excited to see what he will accomplish!” – Heather Gaff, Regional Property Manager

The Mezz at Fiddler’s Green; Centennial, Colorado:

“Will Brock made his Zoom tour debut and is a natural in front of the camera. Will was also part of the team that sacrificed their weekend to get the clubhouse furniture moved in, so we were able to open by 6/29/20.

Tabatha Rasch has jumped in wherever she is needed and continues to be a huge team player. She has assisted with the management of warranty items at Flatirons, stepped in and supported the team at Monterrey as needed, and continues to ensure curb appeal and lead management are priorities at Mezz. Tabatha has taken the lead on the Manager Huddles and has helped create a strong collaborative relationship with the team. “ – Angie Atkins, Director of Property Management

Echelon at Monterrey Village; San Antonio, Texas:

“It’s been a whirlwind for the team at Monterrey. Through each of the challenges during migration, the team continues to be open-minded to ways to improve financial performance. The team has worked together to get it all done.

Mireya has been instrumental in researching what is happening in the market each week, has taken great pride to ensure the move in quality is at a high standard and has successfully closed 28 new applications since the transition to Garrett Residential.

Katie has taken the lead on delinquency and has successfully collected 97% on average for May, June, and July. This has not been an easy accomplishment while dealing with many COVID 19 related income challenges for some of our residents. She also has really dug in to understand Entrata and the different nuances that come with a new software system. She also has been busy leasing and captured 28 new applications from May – July.

Tim has taken the lead to ensure we are operating on all cylinders and has been instrumental in moving occupancy from 76% in mid-May to just shy of 90% by the end of July. His tracking down of invoices with new vendors and making sure the new invoice processing process is followed has been key to managing expenses. He has become a pro at the scheduling of turns and his make-ready board is now a work of art.

Mario Fernandez has been the constant on the maintenance side and takes pride in ensuring the property looks great and we provide excellent service to our residents. His ability to focus on completing the punch items in each vacant apartment has allowed us to very quickly increase the number of vacant ready apartments that have a direct correlation to increased occupancy.” – Angie Atkins, Director of Property Management

Verge Luxury Flats; Greenwood, Indiana:

"John Tarr has single-handedly managed 364 new leads, 641 calls,  and 98 new applications to get Verge to 54% leased as of 8/6.  In his spare time managed to interview and make offers to Lexi Parker Verge’s new Assistant Manager and a Maintenance Supervisor that plans to start 8/20, as well as participate in the Indiana Apartment Association virtual Reverse Trade Show. He is busy planning move-ins for the end of the month and is considering all the important details to ensure it’s a great move-in experience for our new residents. Lexi Parker also just joined the Verge team as well! We can't wait to see all that she contributes to this community!" - Angie Atkins, Director of Property Management

Verso Luxury Apartments; Davenport, Florida:

“This team has exceeded expectations by consistently leading their market with leases and move-ins. Every single member of the Verso team is passionate about what they do and hyper-focused on customer service and the overall experience. I am so proud of their accomplishments during the pandemic and at times you would never know one existed.

There have been 20 5-star reviews and Karen was personally mentioned by name in 12 of them. I think this is a huge testament to her customer experience skills and how she takes the time with each future resident to create such a positive and memorable experience.

Just from June 1st to today (August 6) alone there have been 66 move-ins!

Becky has built an exceptional team where each member brings certain skills that contribute to the overall vision and goal that was set. Her ability to stay the course and maintain focus, positivity, and a calm strength through the challenges presented have been inspiring.

The team epitomizes Garrett Companies’ motto of relentlessly pursuing excellence. Every team member is a broom pusher and does whatever it takes to get the apartments and community in top shape for our prospects and our move-ins. I am just proud and honored to work alongside them.” – Heather Gaff, Regional Property Manager

As can be seen by the immense praise given by our regional property managers to our on-site teams, each and every one of our employees did a fantastic job of navigating the past couple of months. Without them, most of our communities would be much worse off. By executing plans to their best abilities, on-site teams create an environment that keeps residents coming back year after year. At TGC we believe that this pursuit of excellence by our employees is what sets us apart from the rest. Each and every one of our employees strives to do their jobs to the best of their abilities in order to give each and every one of our residents the best experience possible. The culture created by our teams allows teammates to feel as though they are all actively working towards one goal, each working equally hard to reach said goal. If you’re looking to join a team that is focused on providing the best possible experience for residents while working together with some incredible teammates, we encourage you to join our team! Check out our careers page here:


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