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Investing In Our Hometown

As The Garrett Companies continues to grow, we want to ensure that we are bringing the most value possible to the place we call home, Greenwood, Indiana.

The Garrett Co. has built more than 30 communities nationwide, with finished works in Colorado, Florida, Texas, Iowa, and now Indiana. And with a growing number of communities currently under construction in these states and beyond, we want to be sure we’re doing everything we can to invest in the City of Greenwood. As the primary location for our corporate headquarters, Greenwood provides a place of promise for The Garrett Co. We are committed to delivering value to the people of Greenwood in every way possible. Whether it’s the locally sourced materials we use in our apartments, to the economic impact from our employees shopping and dining in the local area, TGC is committed to the City of Greenwood.


"To start about what we are doing, every day as we come into work, we drive by a bus stop directly beside Walmart. You always see people sitting on a bench in grass waiting on the bus no matter if it’s raining, sleeting, snowing, etc. Also, with no structure to this bench/bus stop you see people dumping trash on the ground as they wait. With the upcoming Greenwood Springs Project coming to Greenwood, TGC thought what better way to give back to the community than to install a bus stop shelter to hopefully create some structure and safe place for members of the community to wait for the bus." Edgar Terriquez, Construction Engineer


In a more specific example of how TGC is giving back to the city of Greenwood, we have recently collaborated with the City of Greenwood and IndyGo to enhance transit options, bus stops, shelters, signage, seating, and bike racks along Wilson Drive and Greenwood Springs Boulevard. With the installation of these amenities, The Garrett Co hopes to create a safe place for Greenwood residents to access transportation. The bus stop structure and bike racks also provide an aesthetic element to the location that will help to provide a more established look to the city.

What better way to support this growth by not only enhancing the transportation options and conditions around the city, but also by constructing a luxury apartment complex right here locally! With the construction of Verge Luxury Flats on Greenwood Springs Boulevard, we hope to greatly strengthen the local economy and highlight the benefits of living in the City of Greenwood. By introducing new residents to the City of Greenwood, TGC will be capable of greatly enhancing the well-being of local business owners in and around the neighborhood.


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