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Internship Success

Internship program provides immersive experience to record number of participants

The Garrett Internship Program (GIP) has proven that The Garrett Companies can not only compete with industry leaders with our products and services, but also with our career development programs. A brand-new class of twenty interns has come aboard for the summer; the program’s largest class yet (eleven college interns and nine high school interns). While our competitors were canceling internship programs altogether in 2020, the GIP was able to continue, and flourish.

In 2021, the college internship program employs two property management interns (Alea Tooley & Jordan Leverett), four construction interns (Earl Bowling, Jimmy Holinger, Nathan Witty, & Ivan Covarrubias), one development intern (Jake Snead), one preconstruction intern (Francisco Cena Zavala), one investments intern (Connor Murdock), one accounting intern (Riley Shives), and one landscape architect intern (Conner Pierce).

The high school internship program has seen growth from last year as well. With nine high school interns this year; The Garrett Companies’ program provides a beneficial experience for students who may not know exactly where they want to be once they enter the workplace. The program gives participants a glimpse inside multiple departments and specialties, allowing participants to spark interest in various fields of study.

Not only has the GIP grown in the number of interns it employs, but it has also expanded the program features. With a guest speaker series, Garrett Alumni Group events, and department workshops, the program has become a priceless opportunity for the interns selected to participate. With The Garrett Companies being headquartered in Greenwood, Indiana, participation was previously limited to Indianapolis-area-based interns. But this year, with the help of some of the Colorado-based employees, the GIP was able to accept four Colorado-based interns. This allows for TGC to grow the internship program into a multi-state program, expanding our reach to attract and develop the best talent across the nation.

Internships have proven to be increasingly vital to the success of college students in developing their careers, and to the talent acquisition goals of our company. With much of the national workforce slowly coming back to the office, and some not coming back at all, college students are finding it increasingly difficult to secure internships where they can learn the vital skills of communication, teammate collaboration, and interpersonal professionalism. TGC’s award-winning culture creates an environment where young students can learn from the very best example. At the same time, The Garrett Companies’ rapid growth and expansion to new markets demands non-traditional methods to attract and develop top talent. The GIP has a proven track record of attracting and developing valuable members of our team (Edgar Terriquez, Joey Huberts, and Jake McCarty are all GIP alumni), and the reputation being developed by the GIP helps to identify TGC as an employer of choice at colleges and universities.


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