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Human Resources - The Team Behind the Team

For the past eight years, the name "The Garrett Companies" has been synonymous with two words: Excellence and Growth. And with the rapid growth of the employee count, it's no surprise that the Human Resources team has tripled in size in the past 6 months. This department team is essential to our success in a multitude of ways, so let's take a few minutes to get to know the people and the ways they support the company at large.

Alyssa Skarbek – Director of Human Resources

Alyssa has been with The Garrett Companies for just over 2 years and works in unison with all departments to support growth, development, and operations. She is responsible for the strategic planning and oversight of all HR operations, employee relations, talent acquisition, engagement & retention, training & development, and payroll & benefits.

Lauren Zike – HR Associate

Lauren joined TGC in October 2021 and primarily supports human resource operations, including policy and procedure support and employee onboarding. She also is a resource to all teams with employee engagement, retention, and culture initiatives. Lauren assists many aspects of HR, including recruitment, onboarding, compliance, and HR operations.

Liz McFadden – Talent Acquisition Manager

Liz joined TGC in early December of 2021 and works directly with Alyssa and department leaders to identify talent needs to build a robust pipeline while supporting employee engagement and retention. She is a recruitment and talent acquisition ambassador for our team by building relationships with internal and external teams. Liz develops strategies to proactively attract, engage, and onboard candidates throughout the employee journey.

As we look ahead, the HR team is excited about 2022 initiatives that include new recruitment tactics, a benefits analysis, and enhanced training & career development opportunities. Stay tuned!


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