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Going Smoke-Free Matters

Although this may be news to some, smoking is becoming less and less popular in the world we live in today. The dangers of smoking have never been more prevalent or more widely understood by so many. Because of this lack of popularity, many businesses understand the harm that patron’s and resident’s smoking can bring to their businesses. People don’t want to be breathing in or smelling smoke as they eat, as they converse, or in our case, as they live. For this reason, The Garrett Companies and managers of Verge Luxury Flats have decided to make the community completely smoke-free. Becoming a smoke-free community was not a difficult choice for us at Verge. We know that smoking is harmful to the body and can cause a lot of problems for some. Not only that but the damage that smoking leaves within an apartment is expensive and can be difficult to cover up. Therefore, creating a smoke-free environment was a win-win situation for all.


“As a company and community, we are constantly trying to create our own path within the luxury apartment industry. Verge has so many innovative features, and by banning smoking, we become one of few communities in Johnson County and the southside of Indy with this amenity, thus putting us a step ahead of the rest. By developing a community with so many upgrades we hope to reinforce our position as one of the top luxury apartment communities in the state." - John Tarr, Community Manager, Verge Luxury Flats


Banning smoking within our community has a number of benefits. Firstly, it provides residents with a healthier place to live. Secondhand smoke, or breathing in tobacco smoke in any form, can cause lung cancer and cardiac disease in nonsmokers, as well as severe asthma attacks, respiratory infections, sinus infections, sudden infant death syndrome, and other cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases. Secondhand smoke has the ability to travel through air vents, lighting fixtures, under doors, and through cracks in walls. If the wrong person breathes in this smoke or is exposed to secondhand smoke regularly, it can have severe health effects. Smoke also has the ability to stick to walls, clothes, furniture, and a number of other household objects. This residual smoke left-over is called thirdhand smoke. Thirdhand smoke is incredibly difficult to get rid of. It doesn’t simply go away. It cannot be eliminated by airing out a room or using fans or air conditioners. Because of this, allowing smoking within your business or residence has lasting consequences. Thirdhand smoke carries the same cancer-causing chemicals that secondhand smoke does. And continuing to allow people to live in communities and rooms that contain thirdhand smoke chemicals can prove to be harmful. Banning smoking within the community also helps us lessen the risk of fire. And smoking isn’t banned just inside of the apartments either. Its banned by the pool. Its banned on the sidewalk. Its banned on balconies and patios. Its banned in the parking lot. Smoking is banned everywhere. At Verge, our top priority is keeping our residents safe. Whether it’s from breathing in harmful carcinogens, or lessening the risk of a fire, we want to ensure we are doing all that we can to protect you. Verge is focused on one thing and that is providing our residents with living conditions that they are happy to come home to everyday. A place that genuinely feels like home. In order to achieve this goal, catering to the needs and desires of our residents is of top priority. Banning smoking at Verge provides our residents with a more comfortable, cleaner, and more holistic environment in which to live, breathe, and grow. Still wondering why Verge Luxury Flats is a smoke-free community? Check out these fact-based graphics below produced by the CDC.


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