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GIP 2022 Service Project Recap

Every summer, our college interns have the opportunity to collaborate on a service project in the local community. This summer, our interns worked alongside the City of Greenwood, Indiana to develop and produce public wayfinding signage along the Emerson Trail, just steps from our Greenwood Headquarters.

Each of our interns played a valuable role in completing this project, from creating design mockups, to allocating budget, to communicating with city planners to ensure the project remained inside the City’s ordinances and codes. As with any project, there were some bumps in the road along the way, but our group of interns remained determined and committed to achieving what they had set out to do. We are pleased to say that they rose to the challenge and accomplished their goal.

This experience allowed our interns to see the process of what our Garrett Team does every day on a micro scale: working together across states, departments, and deadlines to achieve a common goal, as well as remaining flexible and collaborative throughout setbacks and delays. We are proud of the work they achieved, and happy to now have a lasting, visible reminder of the teamwork and dedication they displayed during this summer’s service project.

If you find yourself driving down Emerson Street anytime soon, keep an eye out for these new installations along the roadside!


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