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Dreaming of Being The Next Big Thing


Jim Garrett is The Garrett Co.’s go-to contact when it comes to solving our technology needs. He does it all from ordering new tech and troubleshooting Wi-Fi to keeping our systems protected from cyber-attacks. However, Jim is much more than our Technology Manager.

Since Jim learned to play guitar at 7-years-old, he dreamed of being a Rockstar. He’s been a musician ever since and formed a band in 2008 with a few of his buddies. Before long, their band, Two Cent Road, started playing around the state. The largest crowd they’ve ever performed was 15,000 people! Jim shared,

“Playing became something that allowed me to meet new people and form new friendships. I was also able to bond that much more with the guys I was playing with.”

Jim plays the acoustic guitar and is the lead singer for Two Cent Road. The band mostly plays country music, both old school and new. Think Merle Haggard, George Strait, and Hank Williams Jr. His favorite song to play is Black Bird by the Beatles and is grateful to have fulfilled his dream of becoming a real musician. Next time you see Jim, ask him about his next big gig.


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