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Career Path to Success: Jarrod Pickel

Jarrod Pickel joined The Garrett Companies in May 2017 as a Project Engineer on the Caliber at Cornerstar project in Aurora, CO. He was excited to be getting involved with a young company and hopeful of growing his career in a fast-paced and fun work environment. After closing out what was the company’s most successful project to date, Jarrod made a transition to Field Construction when he took on the role of Project Superintendent at Verge Luxury Flats in Greenwood. He then completed meaningful contributions to projects in the Superintendent role at Voyager (The Zeb), Gateway (Ladora) and Emerson Pointe (The Hangar).

Fast forward to 2022, Jarrod began a new role as Procurement Manager. He is working to become an impact player in that role, making the transition from Preconstruction to Construction as seamless as possible. He spends much of his time preparing work scopes and creating consistencies across projects so that the work is teed up for Construction Project Managers. And just as Jarrod’s career has grown within 2022, so has his family. Jarrod and his wife welcomed their first baby in May.

We asked Jarrod who his biggest supporters and mentors have been during his time at TGC, and he mentioned Terry Lott, Steve Flick, Matt Yozman, and Mike Yozman. “They’ve always answered questions and never steered me wrong. They’ve given tough leadership when needed. They give a shoulder to cry on or kick in the pants and everything in between.” Faith is a personal source of motivation for Jarrod. Whether it is taking care of family or teammates, Jarrod believes you should always work hard and do your best, as if working for the Lord himself. He also references his training in the Navy “where everyone must do their part” as a reason he is focused on never letting his teammates down. Jarrod tells us that the past 5 years have been a wild ride, yet he cannot wait to experience the next five years and see what they have in store for him and the company.


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