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Career Path To Success: Aaron Kitch

When Aaron Kitch joined The Garrett Companies in April of 2015 as a Construction Project Engineer, the company was in its infancy stages with only eight (8) employees. Fast forward to today with over 200 employees and preparing to open a third headquarters, Aaron describes his growth story with TGC as a “wild ride.” During Aaron’s first interview with Eric, he knew he wanted to explore a switch from Construction to Investments, and Eric saw the potential. When the time was right, Eric prepared Aaron for this new role. “I remember sitting in a conference room and Eric teaching me what a cap rate and NOI was on a white board. He even gave me homework that weekend. When I was the only one in the Investments group, I learned so much working directly with him.” Aaron also attributes his success to the support he receives from Matt Griffin and Rob Martinson, who always make him feel comfortable sharing his ideas. He also gives credit to his teammates, Jordan, Joey, and Chris.

Aaron’s career path with TGC started in Construction (Project Engineer April 2015-December 2016), then to Development (Development Associate January 2016 to December 2017), and now to Acquisitions Manager (January 2018 to Present). When we asked Aaron where he has his focus for the future, he expressed an interest to continue to grow with the company until he retires, and in whatever way makes the most sense for the Investments Division and the success of the company. He went on to say, “I love doing side projects and hope to perform some of my own smaller deals as well.” Aaron also helped us understand the recipe for his success by telling us his sources of motivation. “1. I just love Real Estate and love trying to get better. It’s a very complex industry and I want to be dynamic in all disciplines. 2. Since I’ve been with Garrett Co from the beginning I feel personally invested in the growth and success of the company. It’s been a game changer in my career/life, and I want Garrett Co to be #1 in the game. 3. Being that project cycle always starts with the Investment Group, I also feel a personal responsibility to make sure the pipeline is always full. I love when we need to hire more people to fill the projects as a direct result of our hard work at the beginning.


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