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Behind the Scenes - Food Photography at I.C. Brewhouse

What does it take to get the perfect photo of a burger? As the team recently found out, mouth-watering food photography is a delicate and delicious art. The Marketing team in partnership with I.C. Brewhouse recently held a photoshoot capturing the full menu at the restaurant in Centennial.

Working with a professional food photographer and a food stylist (yes, this is a legitimate career) the team meticulously worked to get perfect shots. Each menu item was brought out to the set, prepped to look its best, lit with studio lighting, and photographed. Each photo was reviewed in real-time on a computer to make sure not a piece of bacon or lettuce was out of place.

While the food may look great in the photo, you may not want to dig in. The food stylist used secret tricks to get everything looking its best. That burger – it’s supported with cardboard and held together with straight pins. Those fries - they’re liberally coated with hairspray to look perfectly crisp. Can you say YUM?


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