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Advancing Progress Tracking, One Flight at a Time

At the Garrett Companies, we are always trying to stay ahead of the competition. Whether it’s the product we’re producing with construction, the residential customer service that our onsite teams provide, or the latest marketing strategies we implement, TGC is always one step ahead of the curve. Recently, we identified a way to better track the progress of our construction projects. As we continue to grow bigger and bigger by the day, our number of projects also continues to grow. Because of this, it can become tough for employees, investors, clients, and executives to keep track of the progression of every project. By using drone technology and capturing sites from above, everyone is able to stay updated on each and every project in the portfolio. Whether the site is in Colorado, Florida, or Indiana, all stakeholders involved can stay up to date with each and everything happening. Drones can help with much more than just progress tracking. Whether its job site risk mitigation, bid process, quality control and assurance, preconstruction planning, progress tracking and communication, or post-construction marketing efforts, drones can prove their value throughout the entire process.

The value that drones can add to a company is extensive. With the accompanying software, data capture, effective storage, and easy access for stakeholders, drones pay for themselves soon into the process. Often times, a company may not even need the data that is captured until months later, when a dispute arises. Therefore, keeping an updated database allows for tracking at every step of the process. Drones provide up-to-date, accurate information on progress and productivity and help to ensure that the work being done is high-quality and meets Garrett Co standards.

Overhead data also helps to resolve possible disputes with vendors and contractors. For instance, a Garrett Co property recently experienced an unexpected drainage issue at one of their sites, at no fault of their own. In order to see where it originated from, employees went back and looked at drone data taken several months before, when construction was only beginning. They found that a drain had been wrongly covered up with dirt by a subcontractor. The clear evidence provided by the drone was essential to resolving the dispute and having the data readily available and clear enough to see the issues that had occurred provided TGC with plenty of “dirt” to prove the subcontractor did, in fact, make a mistake.

Lastly, drones assist with each part of the construction process. After acquiring a piece of property that will eventually be an apartment community, TGC is able to fly the drone above and gather valuable, high-resolution surveying and topographical data. Then, as construction begins, efficiency and progress can be easily and accurately tracked. Not only this, but safety and quality are ensured at every step of the process. The software that TGC uses, DroneDeploy, allows for drone data to be stitched together seamlessly in order to give employees and clients the clearest and most complete look at every step. Their website explains the benefits clearly, saying, “… progress tracking is far from the only way construction companies use drones. By spending less than an hour each week mapping a job site, contractors gain access to an unprecedented amount of knowledge about nearly every aspect of their project. With this data in hand, DroneDeploy’s software makes it easy to plan, communicate, and keep projects on schedule”. By using DroneDeploy’s technology, TGC is also able to gather area, volume, and other important measurements simply by flying above the site.

Launching a drone technology program may seem like a daunting, difficult, and expensive undertaking for some. But if done correctly, they can prove to be priceless for many different industry professionals, especially construction. At The Garrett Co, we are constantly trying to stay ahead in regards to the technology we employ and the product that we provide our clients and investors. Not only this but when we encounter a problem, we like to address it head-on. This allows us to plan and control nearly every step of the process, thus ensuring our high expectations are met. In order for this to happen, new, cutting-edge technology is always on our radar. By utilizing drone technology to its fullest extent, TGC is able to provide valuable information at every step of the construction process.


An overhead drone shot of a recent Garrett Construction project:



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