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Build your career here and invest in our company's future, and we will invest in your family's future through education.

The Garrett Companies relentlessly pursues excellence and encourages that mindset, passion, and drive in all our team members. Investment in team members (including their families) is a core value of our company. Our successes year after year have enabled us to create an Educational Reimbursement Fund (GarrettEDU) for team member dependents. GarrettEDU is a first of its kind premium benefit that we are thrilled to unveil and offer to our team. Regardless of what your child’s life passion and field of study may be, we want to support them and their future goals. GarrettEDU provides support for the secondary education of our team’s dependents, whether that be to attend college, university, or trade school.

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By typing submitting this form, you are certifying that all information provided is true an accurate to the best of your ability. You are also acknowledging The Garrett Companies' Employer Rights. Like all voluntary benefits, this program is subject to change in terms of scope, duration, amounts, criteria, and qualifications. This program, its existence, and employee enrollment into such is no guarantee of benefits. This program is not transferable. All details in this program are subject to change and The Garrett Companies reserves the right to do such without notice. Employees waive all rights of dispute in matters regarding this program and it implied benefits. Enrollment into this program requires confirmation of these employer rights.

Your submission is being processed by TGC Human Resources.

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